The webs we all know and love to hate.

web caster

Web casters are good, but expensive.




The Art of Spider Webs - Compiled by David Collier

You've see them every year at your local Halloween store. Spider webs in a bag for a couple of bucks. There's several kinds to choose from such as regular, glow in the dark, super stretch, etc. While these store bought webs are inexpensive, they usually produce less than stellar results. If you go this route I suggest using the super stretch webs but use sparingly for the best results.

The spider web casters have been on the market for several years. They are little more than a glorified glue gun with air tubing run through them by using an air compressor. They produce pretty nice cobweb effects but the main issue with these devices is the expense. The guns range from about $50 on up and you need a proper air compressor to do a really good job and that can be costly as well.

The video below shows you how to create the same (if not better) effect for a whole lot less money. This video is pretty simple to follow and is a great example of this technique.

DIY cheap (and very realistic) cobwebs.


Another item on the market has been giant spider webs. The type you can get at your local store are ok but you are you are limited on the size of your web and quite frankly, they tend to break and produce mixed results.

The video below shows you how you can make your very own giant spider web using shrink wrap or plastic wrap. You can create whatever you can imagine.

Custom DIY Giant Spider web.


If making your own giant web seems like too much trouble, SpiderWebMan.net has got you covered. These things are pretty awesome but can be expensive.

This thing I've been seeing the last few years has been the use of beef netting for creating very stylized spider webs. This stuff is pretty amazing and realatively affordable. You pretty much stretch out and place your web where it needs to be and while it's stretched, start cutting. Here's a great source for buy your own beef netting to start your creations.

Beef Netting used in a yard haunt.


The final video is an example of what can be done with beef netting and some creativity. The total cost for this project is a bit on the high side but this guy also has other videos showing how he made the spooky spider funnel.

Spider Funnel


I hope these few ideas will spark your creativity when you decide to create that killer spider lair for your trick or treaters.


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