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Halloween - The Evil Holiday? - A Message to Parents (Portions from, used with permission)

Today, Halloween, the second largest holiday in North America, is a mainstream family holiday that is no more evil than a good campfire ghost story. Halloween is exactly what one makes of it. In Club Haunt's case, we want to create fun and education to parents and their children through a positive, fun, and tongue-in-cheek 'spooky' holiday.

Like a good ghost story that is meant to create a fun-spirited eerie/spooky feel around the campfire, Halloween (an event that already had nationwide recognition, acceptance, and appeal) and the Halloween theme lends itself to family fun, storytelling, costumes, house decorating. This is an ideal forum to teach nighttime safety, and is exciting enough to capture children's attention. That is not easy feat in an age of 200 TV channels, video games, and the Internet.

Historically, Halloween is a holiday observed on the evening of October 31 in most areas of North America and in some areas of Western Europe. The holiday is symbolically associated with the dead. Halloween falls on the eve of All Saints' Day, also known as Allhallows or Hallowmas, a holy day in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. Originally a pagan festival of the dead, All Saints' Day was established by the Catholic Church in the 9th century to honor Christian saints. All Souls' Day, a holy day established by the Catholic Church in the 10th century, is also closely linked to Halloween. All Souls' Day, on November 2, is observed to help purify the spirits of the dead.

Halloween is historically related to similar folk holidays celebrated in other countries. The Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that coincides with All Souls' Day, blends Roman Catholic and Native American traditions about the souls of the dead. On the Day of the Dead, Mexicans decorate their homes with playful imagery of animated human skeletons, leave offerings of food for wandering spirits, and tend the graves of their deceased relatives.

So you see, Halloween is closely linked to a Christian holiday that celebrates the positive memories of saints and loved ones who have passed away. Halloween, in my opinion, is not about Devil worship, killing and just plain old blood 'n guts.

More than anything, Halloween is an excuse to have fun, dress up, act silly, decorate your house, and build neat things.

Have a wonderful Halloween experience.

-The Club Haunt Team