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Have your haunted attraction added to the list. I've actually been to some of these and think they're worth checking out. Get your haunt or event listed and be a member of Club Haunt! Click here. To view virtual haunted houses, go here.




This list is by no means complete. Just a nice sample of haunts from around the country.


California Haunted Houses A really great listing of many haunted attractions throughout California.

DC-Cemetary An amateur haunt that resides in the heart of a Mountain View neighborhood.

Knotts Scary Farm A fantastic haunt experience in Southern California.

Old Town Haunt Pasadena's scariest haunted house.

Pirates of Emerson The Pirates of Emerson take you back to the time when pirates ruled circa 15th century. They have relocated to the Alameda County Fairgrounds.



How to Haunt Your House Lynne and Shawn Mitchell have an elaborate yard and home haunt in Pensacola, Florida. They have also created an ebook showing how you can also haunt your house.


House of Shock Located in New Orleans, I am told that this is one of the scariest haunts in the country.


Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride Glen Mills, PA. This is the scariest hayride on the east coast. In fact it was rated one of the top 13 haunted attractions in The United States by Riga Mortise Magazine.

Tom Malafarina's Art of Horror A real neighborhood haunt. This fellow creates his own stuff and sells it to other haunts. Check it out.


Castle of Chaos Utah's only Interactive Haunted House.

Nightmare on 13th Street Salt Lake City's largest haunted attraction.



American Folk Art Festival A group of gifted and experienced artists and folk antique dealers gather for one day to display their handmade creations and treasured finds.

American Folk Art Festival

Bats Day Bats Day in the Fun Park Weekend and other events for the Dark Subculture, which includes from Deathrock to Goth, Industrial to Steampunk, Rockabilly to Psychobilly, Halloween and anywhere in between.

Glitterfest A gathering of Halloween artists to sell their work located in Southern California.


Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween Located at the Chelsea Fairgrounds in Chelsea, MI.

A Bewitching Fete Formerly Halloween and Vine now located in Pleasanton, CA.

A Bewitching Fete

Spirits in Sanford The oldest running Halloween show.

The Hallowbaloo Washington's premier Halloween art show


Halloween Folk Art Society Located in Peteluma, California.

Society of Folk

Monsterpalooza An annual celebration of modern and classic horror.

Scare LA is the first Los Angeles convention dedicated to the celebration of Halloween.

Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show A fantastic convention and show.