Make This Halloween a Memorable One for Your Neighborhood - By ARA Content

(ARA) - Part of the Halloween fun is the preparation: choosing costumes, creating spooky crafts and especially decorating the house and yard.

Every year, everyone remembers the “scariest” house on the block, and this could be your year to shine. “Elements from Halloween and horror movies are going to dominate haunted houses this year, especially now that ‘Underworld’, ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ and other horror movies are out in theatres,” says Mike Champion of Spencer Gifts, the largest Halloween retailer in the world.

Champion says putting the haunt into your home is easy to do. He recommends starting with impact pieces like a huge Beware Banner held aloft by a gothic standard, a Wooden Coffin and a hanging Vampire and Vampiress. “Build on the anticipation instilled by the Beware Banner and add authentic pieces like the light up RIP Tombstone, flashing Gothic Lantern and Scary Pumpkins with glowing red or green eyes.”

Being the best on your block may start with impact pieces, but it ends with the details -- the key to any big scare. Be sure to round out the experience with scare tactics such as a thunder machine, strobe lights (lightning) and a fog machine. Details like these will give you the edge to make your home the most memorable one in your neighborhood this Halloween.

“And for a really special treat, carry a Horror Screamer with you as you answer trick or treaters,” says Champion. “With the press of a button, guests will be greeted with sound clips from your favorite classic horror movie characters -- be it Freddy (The Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason (Friday the 13th) or Michael Myers (Halloween).”

Recreating scenes from the latest Halloween or horror flick may not be for everyone. If this is the case, keep the above strategy and switch to witches, broomsticks, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns.

No matter what theme you choose, you can make Spencer Gifts your Halloween destination. To find the store nearest you, log onto or call (866) 762-0419.

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