Who Exactly Is Frankenstein? - By Paul Hulse

Although most people consider Frankenstein to be the name of the lumbering, man-made monster, the name "Frankenstein" actually refers to the fictional man who created this eerie, bolt-necked monster. In fact, Dr. Frankenstein is a character created by Mary Shelley when she and her literary buddies spent a few weeks together in cabin in Switzerland. She, her husband, and Lord Byron, a famous English poet, had a contest to see who could come up with the most chilling ghost story. Mary's tale of a mad scientist who creates an artificial man out of various corpse parts proved incredibly frightening. In her story, the mad scientist becomes frightened by his not-exactly-human, terrifying creation and rejects his monster.

Frankenstein's monster learns anger, rejection, and hatred, and the rest of the narrative tells the horrifying events that transpire as the monster seeks revenge on his creator by killing all of Frankenstein's loved ones and friends. It is a solemn and chilling narrative about the nature of good and evil, created and creator, and the influence of society upon a person's character and moral nature.

Don't Forget to Have a Little Fun While Planning Your Halloween Costume.

This may seem rather long-winded to provide this background on Frankenstein's monster, but the story will provide you with a sense of the raw anger and ferocity of this popular Halloween costume character.

With the history of Frankenstein and his monster in mind, let us plan out your Halloween costume. First, figure out what sort of Frankenstein's monster you want to be. Some people opt to be the rather absurd, bumbling, green-skinned monster as their Halloween costume. I had a friend who brought along a tape recorder and played 'Monster Mash' as he trick-or-treated his monster Halloween costume. Feel free to have a little fun with your monster! People interpret the character in a variety of ways, and your Halloween costume is your Halloween costume.

Do what you want on this night of tricks and treats. The Frankenstein story has roots in centuries of ghost stories about mummies, zombies, and the idea of man-made life.

Bring Your Frankenstein?s Monster to Life!

Other people try to make a gruesome recreation of Shelley?s epic monster. With fake blood and stage make-up, you can add awesome details to your face and the rest of your Halloween costume. Look at online Halloween costume websites for monster-appropriate clothing and Halloween costumes.

Many times, you can buy or rent a complete Frankenstein?s monster Halloween costume, which can save you time and energy. Look online for different images of Frankenstein?s monster, and see if there is one image in particular that would be perfect for your Halloween costume. Remember that, at the end of Frankenstein, the monster can talk, reason, and reflect, but his abandonment and condemnation by his creator has truly made him into a vicious, angry, broken monster. For you actors out there, this is one Halloween costume that you can act out with a lot of dynamic emotion and character. Let out your inner monster and enjoy All Hallow's Eve!


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